Supplier Equity

“In the implementation of an unbiased socioeconomic community development program it is vital for supply chain management representatives to make the most of empathetic practices.”
~ Dean L. Jones

“Public/Private sector supplier diversity programs have unhelpfully disintegrated specific segments the US Citizenry [DBE – LGBTIQBE – MBE – SBE – SDVBE – WBE – LBE…].”
~ Dean L. Jones

“Becoming used to putting into practice supplier equity principles will serve to broaden business relations essential for advancing a free enterprise system.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Supply Chain Management initiatives recurrently take satisfaction in the 20-40% of contract dollars awarded to the many designated groups integrated within Women/Minority Business Enterprises (W/MBE).  Conversely, rare are the occasions when supply chain management professionals revel in the outstanding 60-80% of contract dollars awarded to White Male Business Enterprises (WMBE).” ~ Dean L. Jones

“There is a subtle smugness perceived in supply chain procedures that operate with a clear missing link, whereas in its nonappearance fully liberates white male-owned suppliers from ownership certification.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“A Minority Business Certification predetermines an enterprise to a subcontracting categorization in perpetuity.” ~ Dean L. Jones