America’s War on Community Engagement
By Dean L. Jones


Considering the six million years of human evolution on Earth and the building of civilizations, an ongoing dilemma is contending with the lives lost from worldwide disasters. Where around the world, people must deal with floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, blizzards, tropical storms, and other untimely disasters. As such, in contrast never has any unnatural disaster been so devastating to have raised the level of human prominence and responsiveness for a loss of life as the one befallen on Mother Earth in the Spring of 2020.

The unnatural disaster in the Spring of 2020 was the killing of George Perry Floyd, Jr. Praise be that seventeen years of age Darnella Frazier, spontaneously used her smart phone to openly record Duly Authorized Law Enforcement Minneapolis Police Department Officer, Derek Chauvin, in the line of duty during the evening of May 25, 2020. Which in due course, this recording credibly dispersed an array of answers to a fearsome unnatural disaster interrelated to when, where, and who killed George Perry Floyd, Jr. By voluntarily recording this live event, community member Darnella Frazier digitally documented a duly authorized officer’s cumbersome use of body weight and weaponized knee that penetratingly pressed into the neck of George Perry Floyd, Jr, Minneapolis community member, for precisely nine minutes and 29 seconds, thereby permanently cutting off his breath to life.

Darnella Frazier recorded the most historic civil rights document and court evidence for a subsequent murder trial.

To that end, Darnella Frazier posted her video to the World Wide Web where perceivably every breathing human viewed and overheard the copiously real-time recorded nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds of the most treacherously and horrifically publicized human life killing of George Perry Floyd Jr. Whether derived systematically or fortuitously, it is clear that the now proven murder of George Perry Floyd, Jr has uncovered an aided and abetted antagonistically violent-based society that is at war on community engagement.

That notwithstanding, there remains the elucidating reason why and for what indifferent purpose did the Governmentally trained Police Officer Derrick Chauvin publicly commit such a gruesome act of homicide against a community member on May 25, 2020, at the intersection of East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue [Latitude 44.934150 Longitude -93.262500], in front of the Cup Foods Store, in the City of Minneapolis, a part of Hennepin County, in the State of Minnesota USA.

Each of this book’s eight chapters will offer stimulated nonfiction perception on why and for what reason did this murder take place. The why can be curtly stated as an act of total disrespect for people living and working in the lingering effects from restrictive (race-based) real estate covenants employed by Hennepin County. Thereby indicating an immediate need to eradicate systemic hatred that is a virus of prejudice innocuously permeating the bias governance not exclusive to Hennepin County, but across America.

In writing for what purpose was George Perry Floyd, Jr murdered holds absolutely no acceptable reason other than an unemotional disfavor against black people. So one can only strive to illuminate a definitive strategy that pursues this homicide so much that it never becomes forgotten and urbanely filed into America’s distained situation records of government perpetrated wrongful deaths. And that humane reactions ultimately bring to fruition present-day civic and economic community engagement plans for every American City.

The contents herein is not a how-to manual abolishing America’s depraved war on community engagement, but a new millennium discussion on holding all supervisorial governing bodies liable that directly or indirectly sanction abuse and murder of its citizens. Plus, this writing appeals to nurturing an open-mind in consideration that the afterlife of George Perry Floyd Jr is a spiritual reviving of self-confidence toward manifesting a more perfect municipal civilization, NOW. Metaphorically, like the Phoenix that arose from the ashes of death, in memoriam, with respect and honor, the eternal life of George Perry Floyd, Jr interrelates the definitive catalyst for America’s evolution of City management and human appreciation toward producing the most intensifying outcome for an All-Embracing Community Engagement!

Table of Contents

Dust You Are and to Dust You Will Return
Memorial Day: Those Who Gave There All Over Here
The Unapproachable: Malice in the Line of Duty
Engagement Reverses Dead Pledge Disparity
Engaged Communities Can Can: Canopy and Canapé
Impact from RaceInfluenced Municipal Management
Waiting is Over Rated: Restorative Justice Now!
Prophetic Melodious Community Building Messages

Dust You Are and to Dust You Will Return

Spiritually, when speaking of the taking of life it sometime brings to mind a reference God Moves in a Mysterious Way. In 1773, William Cowper from England wrote a Christian hymn that begins with that popular idiom, God Moves in a Mysterious Way. Although these words are not actually biblical scripture, what comes close is written in the book of Isaiah 55:8-9; ’For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord. ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.’

In a rare assurance, the name and life of George Perry Floyd, Jr will live in infamy, but not as a fallen military soldier, but as an American civilian who involuntarily gave his all. Due in part to the chance lifestyle of George Perry Floyd, Jr, it may be hard for some to acknowledge, nonetheless, he is spiritually and eternally present with the world’s creator. Accordingly, his earthly activity has no bearing on his obtainable heavenly achievements. and all to do with how do USA communities increase unity among its citizenry.

The government’s representatives (law enforcement) deployed to control community policy willfully disengaged from community civility in carrying out its sworn duty on May 25, 2021. Community members are not enemy combatants, yet every personnel dispatched to represent law enforcement cut ties with the community that evening. At no time during Minneapolis law enforcement’s detainment of George Perry Floyd, Jr did the government’s represents afford opportunity for community helpfulness. Law enforcement routinely seeks community involvement and engagement following a crime, but disconnect when it best suits their aim to maim.

Perhaps, in order to improve on community engagement the life of a human being taken so publicly thrashed is a responsible call to order and to garner the corrective action. This why it is important to not dwell on George Perry Floyd Jr’s earthly achievements, but to move forward from where the taking of his life has caused great pain and distress enough that from May 25, 2020 forward. in death he is involuntarily martyrized. Which brings to mind a written word published in the early 4th century AD, “do not speak ill of the dead,” one of the Seven Sages of Greece, in the Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laërtius,

The murdering of George Perry Floyd, Jr was perpetrated by government personnel, which evoked a worldwide, and sometimes rebellious, response relevantly branded the ‘Asphyxiated Spring,’ as a political movement against oppression and discrimination. The global responses were mostly civic protests that took place in over 60 countries and on all seven continents. These street protests began immediately following the murder of George Perry Floyd, Jr during an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The universal sentiment was so strong that many protests were held in spite of regional health warnings against participation in large gatherings, and even defiance of protests being illegal in some parts of the world.

There looms a possibility that perhaps the world witnessed the killing of George Perry Floyd Jr so that others will not needlessly succumb to any similar ill fate at the hands of the USA government. The crude and cruel similarity of crucifixion, a method of governmentally sanctioned punishment, to bring about inevitable death from exhaustion and asphyxiation, whereas the life of George Perry Floyd Jr was taken in a very analogous mode of conduct, where the courts confirmed that his death was pursuant to asphyxiation from sustained pressure from the willful Knee of a government official.

In Christianity the Second Coming was to be witnessed by the people living in the same generation as Jesus. Within an instance, George Perry Floyd Jr. was known around the world and remains a central figure for the lack of appreciation for a black American’s life.  The world, irrespective of race, religion, or creed, draped their acceptance of humanity around the wrongful public execution of George Perry Floyd Jr.  And, from that point in time of May 25, 2020, at 9:25 PM Central Daylight Time forward, a belief is cultivated that George Perry Floyd Jr’s commemoration is emblematic of the personification of God and the awaited messiah.

Religious teachings espouse that God the Father only reveals himself immanently vicariously through the Son and Spirit. Paul the Apostle in a letter to the Philippians (2:6–8), wrote …being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Significant discussion about history have been exchanged going back some 2,000 years, where ancient Roman law enforcement carried out crucifixion as capital punishment, until Emperor Constantine banned it in the fourth century A.D. Similarly, the USA is grappling with banning chokeholds as a form of ‘preliminary’ capital punishment by its municipal militia.

On that dreaded day to the life of George Perry Floyd, Jr these duly sworn officers of the law biblically reflected the four horsemen of the apocalypse that are the figures who appear in the Book of Revelation. Each of the horsemen represents a different facet of the apocalypse: conquest, war, famine, and death.

Under the “color of law,” or government authority, these four horsemen willfully deprived George Perry Floyd, Jr of his constitutional rights, where they knowingly did wrong in that moment but did it anyway, as three officers aided and abetted second-degree murder and manslaughter. [cause, man, people are quick to count you out, but so strict to count you in]
Officer Thomas Lane – Conquest. The first officer to approach George Perry Floyd, Jr did so with his service revolver drawn and aimed at his suspect using his metal flashlight to tap on car window of the unsuspecting suspect.
Officer J. Alexander Kueng – War. He used verbal war commands such as “you listen to us and we will tell you what is going on.” {+Source} A horseman charged with unreasonable seizure by not intervening to stop Chauvin as he knelt on Floyd’s neck
Officer Tou Thao – Famine. This officer denied access, deprived, and restrained the onlookers (citizens) from assisting George Perry Floyd, Jr, who is a horseman charged with unreasonable seizure by not intervening to stop Chauvin as he knelt on Floyd’s neck.
Officer Derek Chauvin – Death. This training officer of Officer J. Alexander Kueng denied George Perry Floyd, Jr from unreasonable seizure and force by a police officer.

+Source: #ABCNews #ABC2020 #Documentary George Floyd: A Man, A Moment, America Changed l 20/20 l PART 2 (0:15)
++Source: #ABCNews #ABC2020 #Documentary George Floyd: A Man, A Moment, America Changed l 20/20 l PART 4 (3:25)

Why? Because, like George Perry Floyd Jr, Jesus Christ was cruelly arrested by the state law authorities, with an ensuing crucifixion. After which, there is widespread belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Two millenniums later, compare the indictment and verdict of law enforcement and the better practices that are coming about, have literally delivered upon his Second Coming marking the beginning of the Millennium as the lifeforce of George Perry Floyd Jr has risen from the dead.  The killing of George Perry Floyd Jr in turn has transpired in the name of sins committed by others and the public victimization of his life was shown as the ultimate crude state sanctioned restraints that are principally and summarily employed in the USA against impoverished people.

Without question, George Perry Floyd Jr is eternally present with God, active in all creation, and the source of humanity’s moral and spiritual nature.  In George Perry Floyd Jr’s last breath, he was able to express to the multitudes his love for Mother, and in a manner, he never asked for anyone to weep for him.  Likewise, there is a modest symbolism in the purpose for his ‘lawful detainment’ over a fake $20 bill, and in contrast Jesus was betrayed for 30 silver coins, whereas one silver coin in today’s buying power would equal $20.

Even when you gloss over and even fully dismiss the religious belief of Christian and Islamic faiths about the second coming, the facts bear it out that something arrived on time to help make corrective change of the Social and Economic (socioeconomic) landscape in America.
~ unbiased technology of the Internet and smart phones were at the ready during the killing of George Perry Floyd Jr,
~ an in-progress national movement on reducing law enforcement’s merciless power against citizens and its community disconnect,
~ a health pandemic with shuttered businesses and schools causing people to loose income and in some cases hope,
~ a mounting problem of inner-city decay and an unattended homeless populist,
~ neglectful immigrant rights,
~ and an ever increasing hateful political divide at all levels of government.

Ironically, in 1919 during the last pandemic, W. B. Yeats wrote and published a poem named “The Second Coming“. W.B. Yeats was inspired by his his wife Georgie Hyde-Lees who was pregnant with their child and was suffering with the pandemic virus and was very close to death. At this time, Yeats was in Europe living just a year following World War I, where he used Christian imagery regarding the Apocalypse and Second Coming to allegorically describe the atmosphere of post-war Europe and the 1918–1919 flu pandemic.

Memorial Day: Those Who Gave There All Over Here

Although not declared by Congress, there is a credible and ongoing war for dominance of influence of community development in the United States of America. The rules of war are consistently changing through local, state and federal laws, countered by civic protests and electoral contests. Government employs police, jails, social and judicial representatives to fight the good fight, while the community residents make every attempt to use all receptive resources at their disposal. The other combatant that carries the largest weight is that of commercial enterprise. This makes for germane community engagement a constant battle for compromise.

The civic war on community engagement is a three-headed monster and the most dreaded and revered is law enforcement, ahead of government and civilian. But, within the ranks of law enforcement resides the infamous ‘Thin Blue Line’ cleverly embodied by police in keeping society from descending into violent chaos was abridged by countless law enforcement personnel yielding to have these unreasonably minded cops that murdered George Perry Floyd, Jr released to justice to face punitive consequences. It does not matter from which angle you view the recorded videos of this American government caused tragedy, the thin blue line of the ‘us versus them’ police-community mentality has set the stage for an unprecedented broad movement for Municipal Reconstruction throughout America.

The entire USA populace and most of the world has reviewed and analyzed the police powers and intervention techniques used on George Perry Floyd Jr on May 25, 2020. In doing so, it may be gainful to supplement the review and analysis calling into mind America’s September 22, 1862 legislative proclamation; “… thenceforward, and forever free; and the executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons [enslaved blacks], and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom.”

Yet still, some one hundred and sixty years later, on May 25th, designated as Memorial Day of recognition in the year 2020, honoring USA military service personnel that gave their all for America’s idea of freedom for true domestic civil rights were invalidated for George Perry Floyd, Jr, who plausibly died before our eyes for greater liberty for all. George Perry Floyd Jr was killed void of his country’s civil liberties, at the hands of his government’s sanctioned militia law enforcement personnel, despite the perpetrators that represent the Minneapolis municipal police department’s motto to: “Protect with Courage, To Serve with Compassion”.

In time, there were four (4) officers that responded to the non-violent police call of an alleged $20 counterfeit bill violation. From the initial encounter with George Perry Floyd, Jr, the first two (2) responding officers showed disrespect to humanity and contempt for the law by brandishing their lethal pistol and hard steel baton flashlight into the face of George Perry Floyd, Jr. The municipal servants’ contempt for human life was so awful that the reason for the call had zero bearing on the actions taken throughout the tormented detainment of George Perry Floyd, Jr.

Now, just pause for a moment and visualize that the alleged law infraction was for passing a $20 bill that was offered by the store clerk to be replaced with his good $20 bill to extend kindness. But, for discussion let us pretend that a good $20 was originally in play for shopping for something other than a pack of cigarettes. In today’s available goods one can easily buy a yoga mat bag, or an ingredient measuring cup set, or a zombie board game, two (2) stainless steel pineapple corers, or perhaps an Indoor HDTV Antenna. This brief pretense serves to generate a visualization for how twenty dollars in no conceivable way elevates this governmental police call as a crime for the ages.

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that this public service call showed the government’s police department was reprehensible and violently negligent in serving its citizenry. In the minds of humans from around the world, the public service call inevitably validated and/or changed belief on the fairness afforded people (humanity) living in low- to moderate-income communities, particularly when a call for service ends with an unfathomable murder under the color of law over a goddamn twenty dollar bill.

Over There” is a 1917 song written by George M. Cohan that was popular with the United States military and public during both world wars.

In 1917, a very popular song with the United States military and public during both world wars, is “Over There”. This song was written by George M. Cohan, and the chorus that follows two verses is;
Over there, over there,
Send the word, send the word over there
That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming
The drums rum-tumming everywhere.
So prepare, say a prayer,
Send the word, send the word to beware –
We’ll be over, we’re coming over,
And we won’t come back till it’s over, over there.

The government of America sends a constant message to its militia that there is a there, and domestically the there is here, reside in lesser desirable communities.

Engagement Reverses Dead Pledge Disparity

Great migration seeking community acceptance and economic opportunities.

There are naturally provided resources in every part of the globe, unfortunately, the greed of man has extracted and exploited specific resources to give an advantage of power over others. Consequently, there is no parity in the life of mankind. Here in the USA, Zip Code Parity is a parody on bridging the gap of wealth that is garnered at the expense of the others.

The Federal Government statistically monitors every piece of land via Census Tracts that are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a county or equivalent entity. Every ten years census tracts are updated as part of the Census Bureau’s Participant Statistical Areas Program. The primary purpose of census tracts is to provide a stable set of geographic units for the presentation of statistical data as it relates to the economic of the American populist.

Even though all census tracts have a numerical code, the US Postal Service has a more familiar numerical code for the same area called a Zone Improvement Plan or commonly referred to as a ZIP code. Both the ZIP or Census Tract identifiers serve a purpose of identifying social and economic parity. The manner in which governmental services are deployed normally rests with considered wealth of the known ZIP code.

Television entertainment highlighted the disparity in ZIP codes when it produced the hot series called 90210, which was the ZIP code for Beverly Hills California. This number, 90210, has global social and economic respect and simply changing one number to 90220, and whole socioeconomic level diminishes exaggeratedly. These zip coded communities reside just sixteen miles apart as two (2) of 88 cities in Los Angeles County. Yet when measured by wealth, the average home price for 90210 is $3.8 million, and 90220 is $.5 million. Somehow 90210 maintains 5,829 people per square mile of its 5.71 square miles boundary, whereas there is nearly a doubling in population density of 9,757 people per square miles for zip code 90220 that spans 10.12 square miles.

Overpowering public perception of negative census tract results has merit using with collective community engagement. In America, affluent communities control their marketing message to ensure high value employing marketing strategies that consistently promote a positive and rich concept that attracts gains and advantages. The Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension uses reporting techniques recommended by the FBI to report Part I Offenses for USA city crimes.

Beverly Hills (zip 90210) violent crime is 18.2. (The US average is 22.7)
Beverly Hills (zip 90210) property crime is 28.9. (The US average is 35.4)
Compton (zip 90220) violent crime is 56.0. (The US average is 22.7)
Compton (zip 90220) property crime is 54.7. (The US average is 35.4)
crime rate is calculated by dividing the number of reported crimes by the total population. The result is then multiplied by 100,000. So in the case of Beverly at Hills that reported 4,382 property crimes would divide that number by its population of 33,274, and multiply this result (.1316944) by 100,000, which equals

There is a considerable pronouncement in America that ‘we are all in this together’. This sentiment is based on the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it should be a normal part of living. People are living beings having to depend on one another. But, evident by the aforementioned zip code comparisons, there is a war on community engagement. This is not that competitive capitalism has to be thrown out, but it does mean that equal opportunity and evaluation has to be preserved as the most moral part of human existence. Parity thinking provides for space to create together a national spirit of trust that perhaps we are all in this global inhabitance together.

Had George Perry Floyd, Jr lived, worked, or played within a recognized census tract or ZIP code of affluence, 90210, his unlikely murder at the hands of government personnel would result in a top down takeover of leadership for the inquiry. The power of the affluent people would have seized the opportunity to engage government from a broader aspect of change since the magnitude of George Perry Floyd, Jr exceeds the killing of one life, and it impacts the quality of life for all its ZIP code dwellers.

Equally, George Perry Floyd Jr was killed by more than the force of one knee. George Perry Floyd Jr was killed by centuries of the USA’s aristocracy ruling class.  Aristocracies dominate the political and economic landscape throughout the USA.  And since it is all about more money, keeping it out the hands of your foes is a fundamental work under aristocracy rule, consequently, poorer communities will always appear to public servants, mostly nonconscious, as a toxic environment, or grounds apt for mayhem.

George Perry Floyd, Jr was not killed in an affluent community, however since the world witnessed the government personnel’s wrongful death in Minneapolis Minnesota, there is ample community engagement available to petition for a more productive municipal policy making body. Activism should be inclusive with economic change agents to engage the community with comprehensive development plans. The quality of life elements have to rise to appropriate levels commensurate with employing more respectable safety measures.

There should be no apprehension in garnering effective community participants and champions of change, as argumentatively, there are a limited number of events that rise to the level of global attention as did the public murder of George Perry Floyd, Jr. Personally, only six (6) other tragedies have risen to the global responsiveness to that of the public murder of George Perry Floyd, Jr;
The fatal car crash in Paris France of Diana, Princess of Wales, member of the British royal family, together with her romantic partner, Dodi Fayed (Arabic: دودى الفايد‎ [ˈduːdi]), was an Egyptian film producer and the son of billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed;
The Release of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999;
The two (2) nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, killing between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians;
The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, on Friday, November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time in Dallas, Texas, while riding in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza;
The Tuesday, September 11, 2001 domestic jet airplane attacks, often referred to as 9/11, where Al-Qaeda took war against the United States resulting in 2,977 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries, and substantial long-term health consequences, in addition to at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage. Often dissociated is what followed the 9/11 attacks since 2001, which is the 7,036 soldiers that lost their lives trying to get back at Al-Qaeda over twenty plus years, and the 20,066 American service members wounded in action in Afghanistan. Plus, the war in Iraq reports 4,487 soldiers lives gone, and 32,226 military personnel members wounded
; and
The ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), also known as the coronavirus pandemic, gain of function by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The virus was first identified in December 2019 in WuhanChina. [Globally, there have been 169,597,415 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 3,530,582 deaths, tabulate by World Health Organization, as of May 31, 2021].

All non-white people in America are more likely to live in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty due to the long history of racial segregation and intentional degradation in the United States. Racially exclusive housing covenants, and redlining may have been scrapped at the surface of community development, nonetheless the restrictions and discriminatory practices explicitly aimed at Black Americans continues. The systemic racist strategies permeate the longstanding patterns and generational neglect of community building for the non-aristocratic class.

The disproportionate economic progress operating in American cities has and will continue to plague the overall governance of safety and prosperity. The lack of good community building serves as a type of deadly plague that is materialized as police brutality aimed at infecting the souls of poorer people, left to suffer and somehow endure unlawful enforcement unjust acts. Nearly all of America’s judicial advocates for civil rights are focused on policing to eliminate this war against prosperity carried out by the government.

The term war is not referenced flippantly, as since the murder of George Perry Floyd, Jr fatal killings by American police against blacks totaled 241 people for the year 2020. In the first four months of 2021, 292 civilians having been fatally killed by police that averages 10 per month, totaling 62 black people through April 30th. Bear in mind blacks represent 13% of the USA population and whites represent 77% of the population, thereby making exposure and interface with police for blacks far less than that of whites. Since of the 300 million citizens there are only 700 thousand full time police, one cop per 428 citizens.

With the mounting sentiment of Americans calling for a state of emergency surrounding the heightened police abuse against black people it is time to make the liability from government law enforcement wrong doers to include the governmental law makers. The U.S. federal law protects individuals from discrimination or harassment based on sex, race, age, disability, color, creed, national origin, religion, or genetic information (added in 2008). Although this is applied in employment, police are employed through public tax dollars and such laws should be transferable to their respective acts in the line of duty.

Accordingly, as these law enforcement workers are directed at the discretion of municipal policy makers, such representatives of a governmental body should be vulnerable to public takeover in the form a Public Civil forfeiture under the United States federal civil rights law when civil rights re violated. Like a civil asset forfeiture or civil judicial forfeiture, law enforcement officers convicted of abuse against protected group members should be subjected to municipal public takeovers and have the assets seized resulted from committing a crime and illegal activity.

To ensure that law enforcement governing bodies (municipalities) meet acceptable performance levels, NOW is the time enact citizen-based accountability policies. For example, most California cities maintain a council-manager form of government, and it is time to add an encompassing level governed by the people and charged with the basic responsibility of governing the community post law enforcement failure to fairly carry out the law. 

There has to be a stronger remedy than micro-managing outcomes associated with police reform, when the problem rests with never addressing community reform. In the criminal homicide of George Perry Floyd Jr, Officer Derrick Chauvin was by far not the first to carry out community disfranchisement. Governmentally influenced acts of hate coincides with community’s need to subdivide has deep and significant implications for equity, democracy and rights.

City give the appearance to be managed as a complex system to manage, but when managed with community members (stakeholders) a city is more apt to fully formalize and function. When stakeholders are involved it removes the power to some extent of those who do not want to be bothered by low income people.

Community members have the opportunity to review the tragic events from the detention and murder of George Perry Floyd Jr, and make recommendations to implement ‘devotion’ work schedule for police officers. Devoting specific and a limited number of hours police officers work each day on patrol may have a betterment with limiting brutality commonly brought on by an officer’s frustration and crime fatigue.

It is impossible to authenticate what a street officer endures without actually being a street officer. Humanity’s war against humanity is open ended making a street officer’s daily interaction with people a very unnerving career. As this written discussion unfolds, street crime in the USA is transforming on levels never seen before. The diverse communities are expanding with people coming to the USA more and more from Mexico, as well as Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, African migrants like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo and Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. Community engagement is heighten with new populations unfamiliar with one anther, and consequently police are expected to deal with unique situations and language disparities (Swahili or French). This a considerable load to place on an officers; skill set and time management.

Community building has to become more focused and sharp in scaling-up to meet this new demand in collective living plans. The residents are diverse and the developers of land use are untraditional in their desired community building. For instance, Chinese investors are influencing the makeup of hundreds of cities worldwide that have become significant destinations for such land use acquisitions. Accordingly, citizens are in a position to describe their desired community building proactively versus reactionary tactics demonstrated from measured infractions brought from negative policing procedures.

Local citizenry have to intensify their police protests through emphasis on futuristic land use, so as to seek out favorable inclusion of all people. Policing is being asked to police substandard community layouts. Take how federal and state governments are funding higher density projects in local communities. Smaller streets and squares, density of street-level shops and modest offices, and the like squeeze people together and traffic conditions. There is a growing conflict in policing and living, whereas in recognition of this dilemma optimistic community activists have ample examples to review successful communities demonstrating virtuous quality of life results for community participants. By taking success stories and using the outcome to see what components were used to achieve it can aid with implementing those elements in an effort to duplicate that process in building quality communities.

In community building, performing reverse engineering may appear a bit too simplistic for building a well-rounded community worthy of respect. However, a collective buy-in on appreciating where community appreciation center on processes for the people to have access to employment (income), marketable housing (shelter), safety (infrastructure-water-roads-lighting-mobility), health (fresh food-hospital-dentists-clinics), education (libraries-training-schools).

Community betterment is a macro approach to police civility, a much more sustainable one than abrupt defunding processes. As, when communities are out-of-whack from police abuse, the attitude of community is below negative. Quality communities employ their safety operations in accordance with community leadership governance. Rouge policing is nipped in the bud long before negligible police behavior is used in the line of duty. The best part of quality communities is that prospective officers are willing and desiring to live where they work, which is a major enhancer of quality community engagement.

Police abuse occurs routinely in areas of insufficient or infrequent community betterment processes. Whenever a municipality is found incapable of appreciable community betterment, it should be legally accountable to surrender all rights to govern. Terminating and prosecuting the police personnel for breaking the law is partial civil justice, whereas it is the governing community body that has to be brought to face charges on inadequate governance. In every case across America that has encountered felonious police abuse has in some manner seen those involved with the abuse setting a previous pattern of similar abusive behavior and abusive offensives, doubtlessly impelled by community disrespect.

As such, community concepts are lost and disregarded as essential to fostering a harmonious community of people living in a place who share common rights, privileges, and interests. Living in a community often gives people a sense of security and allows them to live life socially with a sense of belonging. One reaches out to a community in times of happiness and distress, and for education, medical assistance, financial help, protection, and social entertainment.

Reverse engineering for community building is the most important tool in community betterment for black communities since across America, white segregationists use red-ling to exclude blacks in property acquisition. Associating how America sanctioned red-lining areas in community building to provide mortgages exclusive to the rest of USA citizens, then there needs a reversal of fortune. It does not conjure a concept to relieve wealth from whites, but it drives a practice to reverse the effects red-lining had on black citizens and suppressed wealth building.

Mortgage is term adopted from Old French language ‘mortgage,’ literally meaning “dead pledge”. The word mort means dead and gage means pledge. Whether the favorable home loans provided at the expense of black generations were paid in full or not, the land which was pledged should be matched in a like region and condition. The frustrations from minimal inclusive community building is a mounting challenge in America. Review the short surveillance camera video that follows, and draw your conclusion if frustration is not a rapidly escalating problem.

City improvement one way or another

Survivors of Tulsa race massacre sue city for compensation

Civil Rights: Envision, Believe, & Achieve

Symbolic to how the human body sustains life, the life blood of community is an active and uncompromised growth of residents, visitors, health providers and academic educators. Communities are hard pressed to have operational efficiencies absent of local enterprise, whether large or small, thereby sustaining community to live is like that of life needing water. The hands and feet of making for an effective community results from its voted law and order, which effectively is comprised of ethical workers.

Community engagement has a fantastic start when there are Block Clubs operating throughout a city. Block clubs are volunteer groups of people who have homes and families that meet to improve the quality of life in their respective neighborhood within a larger community/town/city. The beauty of block clubs is that they work to elevate opportunities for community members to share neighborhood safety information, identify concerns and act collectively to address those concerns.

The people’s voice are more effectively listened to when expressed via block clubs, as such collectives are better perceived as civically involved and prepared to create positive change for their neighborhood and community at-large. Active block clubs are recognized and well respected by law enforcement in seeking ways to eliminate negative influences in the Neighborhood. Equally, sometimes developed from block clubs are “Neighborhood Watch” programs that add another safety feature appreciated by law enforcement agencies.

In August 2021, in a Michigan state community called Wyoming a black realtor was showing a home for sale when a neighbor assumed they were illegally breaking and entering. A massive police response came to the house ordering the realtor and prospective buyer out of the house. Each complied to the police commands and were immediately handcuffed. Although there is mental scaring from situations like this, in this case no persons were physically abused. Nonetheless, minimizing community engagement conflicts is develop a spirit of cooperation and social interaction of knowing your neighbors that will result in a larger sense of community.

Where here is collective cooperation it paves the way for improving access to health services, quality safety environs, and a heightened component of directing local government on attracting, retaining, and expanding business enterprise and related land developments..

´Half a Block — One Side of a Block — Both Sides — Single Apartment Building ´Consider numbers of Potential Members, Size of Meeting Space, and Nature of the Problems/Issues; ´i.e., If Problems is Alley Clean-up then both sides of the Alley should be sought to be part of the Block Club

´Block Clubs offer an opportunity to develop relationships and hold social events

´Law Enforcement Agencies Report Block Clubs Reduce the Risks of Home Burglaries, Vandalism, Personal Assault, & Fraud

´Two (2) or More People ´Organize Communication ´Email, Phone, USPS, Regular Meetings, Posters, Flyer, Church Announcements

´Physical Street Cleaning ´Community Gardening ´Block Picnics / Parties ´Newsletter / Website

´Block Club Meeting Guest Speakers, i.e., Local Sheriff, Council, State Legislature, Locksmith,…) ´Backyard Movie Night ´Card Parities

´Service Exchange (Babysitting, Fix-Ups,…), ´Crime Reduction through; ´Landscaping / Home Improvement, Neighborhood Flower Planting, Abatements (Graffiti, Vacant Lots, Weeded Lawns,…), Walks Against Crime, Help Children Travel Safely to & from School

´Assist in Resolving Neighbor Disputes ´Provide a Strong Deterrent to Gangs, Guns & Drugs ´Annual Progress Report to City Council

Essentially, the first half of the 19th Century fraudulently implemented redlining practices, where the white dominated communities were guarded against low-income/black people to live in such areas. This dishonest practice accrued unearned wealth for those average-income/white people to live in well maintained communities. Housing maps were drawn up designating the class of person eligible to live where by corporate and legislative management mortgage, deeds, and lending practices, restricted property listings by realtors, governmental representatives passing land restrictions, which all targeted how land is divided.

Obviously this a basic violation of civil rights, and note that police brutality and abuse was not the real issue with distrustful communities on how law enforcement perceived areas predominantly occupied with low-income citizens, a widespread conspiracy that has never been prosecuted. Accordingly, it is past time for the finance, real estate, legislative, and governmental mapping institutions to become an ally versus an enemy of the state, which makes it easy to believe now is the time to course correct with building more productive communities.

American civil rights, guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics. Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Additionally, the Supreme Court has reviewed civil rights deprivation cases rule that municipal governments are liable for civil rights violations carried out by employees weather or not if the act was under an official policy or unofficial custom. For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.


Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Heretofore, measuring civil rights infractions, and/or positive change, for black people in the new millennium rest with the conventional  groups like the National Urban League, N.A.A.C.P., UNCF, National Action Network, The Nation of Islam, are routinely asked by media outlets to share obtain opinions and disposition statements on black people in America.  That notwithstanding, not unlike the activities put forth in the struggle by the Black Panthers, SNCC, SCLC, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), National Welfare Rights Organization and US organizations of the sixties, the overreaching arm of required progress is giving rise to newly emerging advocacy groups striving for immediate civil correctness and socioeconomic advancement for black people in America.

These aforementioned black people savior organizations do not specialize in municipal development, i.e. planning, engineering, architectural design, building and inspection, or infrastructure for roads, sewage, waterways, and civic service. Whether an area has a base of manufacturing, industrial, retail, logistics, or government, economics are essential to how well an area is managed by law enforcement and governmental leaders. East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue is not an area of affluence, consequently, the law enforcement responds with a complete set of biases and the outcomes will usually culminate at a minimum with human detainment or a nuisance citation.

This geographical area of Minnesota does not produce or contribute to the nation or world at-large, and that is due mainly because developers are not inclined to invest in segregated areas predominantly occupied by blacks. You do not need statistical data to demonstrate the population demographics of 38th and Chicago Avenue, you can see from the videos that the Cup Food employees and shoppers were comprised of all nonwhites. This area of America will always have poor judgement against its citizenry without real business investments and economic growth. America is a corporation and every area that does live up to equitable levels of enterprise excellence will never be fairly judged.

Jim Freeman, Director of the Social Movement Support Lab at the University of Denver and author of the book “Rich Thanks to Racism: How the Ultra-Wealthy Profit from Racial Injustice,” joins David to discuss the hidden strategy behind systemic racism.

The Unapproachable: Malice in the Line of Duty

A well noted quote “There is no there there,” is from the book Everybody’s Autobiography, written by Gertrude Stein, published in 1937, New York: Cooper Square, 1971, p289. The quote refers to her disappeared childhood home in Oakland, California. Gertrude Stein innately felt how communities should evolve in order to produce future value.

The evolution value of American low- and moderate-income communities are continually regressing, particularly from affirming negative rallying cries like the ones shared at street protests, which was essentially the unofficial Socioeconomic Spring 2020, Stop Killing Black People. An expression yet to accompany this stop killing black people phrase is a solution related rallying cry, such as Better Community Building. The inhumane crime on East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue has not publicly discussed any opportunity to bear substantive fruits of goodness in socioeconomic development, as the broader post work in healing from this indisputable crime may be fleeting away forever in world history. Whereas negative affirmations uphold poor evolution revealing that there is no there there.

When we say stop killing black people are we speaking to only police, when the messaging should be more acutely addressed to the governmental bodies that create and manage the police, like those oversight entities paying police salaries and pensions? Police are community soldiers whose mission is to minimize disruption to the affluent areas. Consequrntly, police are licensed to kill and arrest disrupters, whereas the community agitators that setup the kill run the gambit from politician to educator.

Slum landlords maximize profits in deteriorating neighborhoods on the backs of low income producing people and in-tern routinely kill the self-confidence of it tenants. State sanctioned liquor and tobacco stores on every corner of poorer neighborhoods kill poor people’s health, and destroy functional families. State funded universities’ unreasonable admission fees block opportunities to capture meaningful future for poor people and thereby kill higher societal respect for such people. Disingenuous governmental leadership and representation that structure policing kill disenfranchised people. Educational institutions that do not fulfill compassionate teachings are sending people to slaughter ill-prepared to interface with America’s unbalanced society. America’s educational teachings are disclosing its race-based foundation in a desperate effort to require Critical Race Theory.

There can never be a valid action of policing until economic freedom is achieved for poor people, especially people also marked racially. The ruling American class spend time strategizing on exclusionary tactics as it relates to natural resources, land ownership, and financial gains. It is the disproportionate economic conditions in America that kill and take lives so abruptly. Poor conditions foster poor thoughts and thereby when action is carried out to detain and restrain its citizens in poor neighborhoods the policing brain activity goes unchecked from any form of reasonableness when in the moment. Police characteristics must be delivered with the appropriate temperment to appropriatedly protect and serve as loyal and trustworthy community members.

Police Officers appear more as community members when presiding in an affluent and well-manicured area, the officer tends to treat it with high level of respect, and unlike a person found in a deplorable area the actions carried out are usually consistent with low respect and a depressed attitude toward the inhabitants of the area.

Over a half century ago, the nation passed Title I of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 that placed Federal prosecution on ANYONE, who “willfully injures, intimidates or interferes with, or attempts to injure ANY person because of his race, color, religion or national origin. Federal law clearly defines “law enforcement officer” as ALL officers of the United States empowered by law to conduct investigations of, or make arrests because of, offenses against the United States, the District of Columbia, a State, or a political subdivision of a State, i.e. ANY Municipality in the State of Minnesota.

Express malice is “that deliberate intention unlawfully to take the life of another human being which is manifested by external circumstances capable of proof.” Malice is implied when “no considerable provocation appears and where all the circumstances of the killing show an abandoned and malignant heart. In general, this is the perceived action that transpired in Minneapolis on May 25, 2021 by an officer of the law. In this court case, the prosecution did not pursue a hate crime (also known as a bias-motivated crime or bias crime) as a prejudice-motivated crime. Probably since a large percentage of the citizens in this Minneapolis community were of the same social group and racial demographic, that being black.

Power is granted to the people on many Federal fronts providing that present day people know about the past day accomplishments. The specific language of ‘Hate’ was not referenced in the 1968 civil rights act, but is surely inferred. So while the present day people build upon past legislation in order to harden current prosecutions, the current citizenry may miss significant opportunities to derail those who appear not to hate, but merely commit an illegal act of violence in community devoid of wealth, impelled by subliminal hate.

“Hate crime” generally refers to criminal acts which are seen to have been motivated by bias against one or more of the social groups listed above, or by bias against their derivatives. Incidents may involve physical assault, homicide, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse (which includes slurs) or insults, mate crime or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail).

hate crime law is a law intended to deter bias-motivated violence. Hate crime laws are distinct from laws against hate speech: hate crime laws enhance the penalties associated with conduct which is already criminal under other laws, while hate speech laws criminalize a category of speech. Malice is a legal term referring to a party’s intention to do injury to another party. Malice is either expressed or implied. Malice is expressed when there is manifested a deliberate intention to unlawfully take away the life of a human being. Malice is implied when no considerable provocation appears, or when the circumstances attending the killing show an abandoned and malignant heart. Malice would also exist if the acts were done with reckless indifference or deliberate blindness to that invalidity or lack of power and that likely injury. 

With the growing frequency of poor and questionable police service provided in major cities, law enforcement is increasingly becoming more of a public nuisance vs a safety unit. More and more, Police conduct is perceived by the general public as threatening and unpredictable so much that it interferes with the rights of the public.  Particularly young people are being given speeches by their parents on how demeanor interaction with governmental law enforcement personnel.

Anything which is injurious to health, or offensive to the senses, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life by an entire community or neighborhood, or by any considerable number of persons, is a public nuisance” according to Section 360 of the California Penal Code. People have to consider the power of taking on the law with using the law. Future generations of citizens should not be instructed to fear police, nor should police work as municipal bully.

Unquestionably, George Perry Floyd Jr’s murder and afterlife has considerable semblance with a global religious belief, where his killing is enough to make substantive change with the proper focus from the people. Nonetheless, merely seeking change with policing methods avoids the elephant in the room of American socioeconomic challenges. Affluent neighborhoods do not suffer police brutality at the same levels as lower income communities. Wealth is always accompanied with producing things that matter, or a way in which the world benefits from the making and selling of products and services. Lower-end neighborhoods are low because they produce very little usable goods and services in contrast to more affluent areas.

Engaged Communities Can Can: Canopy and Canapé

The heart of community engagement is LAND USE. Just how inclusive communities make use of its available land is always at the center of constructively coming-together. Why this is difficult relates to where city planners remove themselves from molding community concerns into the planning process. Additionally, city planners depend on what the market will bear by the interest of developers for what they believe will make for the best profits in the use of the land space. Unfortunately, the profits and community benefits often are diametrically opposed and miss the mark for the community at-large.

Communities can use their land in roughly seven various ways, and the key to community consideration is to be clear on what the community sees fit as best use. Simply saying the community needs a Costco or Olive Garden provides limited direction for comprehensive economic development. Land use drives labor or job creation and the access to capital that it takes to complete a project. The following describes the basic starting point for land usage:
*Commercial land use that does not always take a lot of space, but commercial land use can contribute to pollution and high traffic.
*Agricultural land use is basically a type of industrial land uses, which can involve the production of food or tree-fiber as renewable resources.
*Residential land use includes individual household unites, dormitories, hotels, parks, motels, and vacant plots. Residential land use has the largest share of all urban land use. 
*Transportation space such as airports, spaceports, railroads, streets and parking spaces are very important land uses. *Recreational land use covers gambit of camping, relaxation, swimming, tennis, amusement, sight-seeing, golf, amphitheater,…
*Industrial land use is mostly associated with factories, petroleum refineries, and of utilities such as electricity generating stations, and water- and sewage-treatment facilities, etc.
*Public Land Use or Open space parks, golf courses, polo field and football field etc. i

A canapé is a type of hors d’oeuvre, a small, prepared, and often decorative food, consisting of a small piece of bread, puff pastry, or a cracker wrapped around or topped with some savory food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.

In biology, the canopy is the aboveground portion of a plant croping or crop, formed by the collection of individual plant crowns. In forest ecology, canopy also refers to the upper layer or habitat zone, formed by mature tree crowns and including other biological organisms.

Selecting and implementing a perfect societal standard of living is a monumental project, but nonetheless an absolutely necessary operation. Mankind on earth is constantly seeking better methods to have a civil society, suitable to the masses for a given geographical area. There are informally seven elements expressing the building of a collective society, including the basic administration and management of the people’s health-food, education-know how, enterprise-employment, housing-shelter, and safety-protection. So as, when taking on the work to modify and change police policies and tactics, one is taking on how the administration and management of safety-protection. And, bear in mind that when the broader conditions of health, education, enterprise, and shelter are not at optimum efficiency the change in policing will never be suitable to the conditions and will always have major flaws in carrying out its mission of administering safety for its people.

In 2013, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi created a Black-centered political will and movement building project called #BlackLivesMatter. The mission reads; “Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.”  

The explicit activity of Black Lives Matter that consistently pushes a civil rights agenda of policing rectification has made Black Lives Matter the de facto 21st Century representation for black progress.  However, cloaking progress with police change, defunding, eliminating, community—based law enforcement are all methods centered on government, and this measurement of improvement is absent on economic change for black people.  Fundamentally, none of the current black progressives are touting a vision for economic development in communities inhabited by black people to abundantly live, work, and play.

In 2018, Stacey Abrams created Fair Fight, with a mission stating; ‘We promote fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourage voter participation in elections, and educate voters about elections and their voting rights. Fair Fight brings awareness to the public on election reform, advocates for election reform at all levels, and engages in other voter education programs and communications.’

The symbolism of what Norman Lear brought to TV in the seventies was lost on the name the Jefferson’s.  George Jefferson was the epidemy of where the black voice had arrived, brazen, focused, and capable of taking on the world.  In no manner form or function was the black voice going to be relegated back to the days of step and fetch it, as black people were moving on up in the ranks of societal acceptance.  But somehow, in 2020, the world fell back in time and in spite of the huge glory of blacks in America, there is now the absolute requirement to make change by changing the policing tactics employed against black people.

The community support for preventing the disproportionate killing of black people a the hands of police personnel must relate to the business development activities underway for the George Perry Floyd Jr memorial space.  The greater area of this district must be transformed and shown how to inclusively cultivate life in America.  The purpose for change is here and the death of George Perry Floyd Jr cannot be minimized with old business development practices.  The future of this space has to demonstrably demonstrate transformation in health delivery, expanded educational access, comprehensive housing for all, employment and safety.

Impact from RaceInfluenced Municipal Management

The criminal homicide guilty verdict issued to Derrick Chauvin gave the world a front row seat to the disproportioned law enforcement services that George Perry Floyd Jr, and a sizable number of other citizens are routinely subjected to in American cities. Despite the fact, policing is a subset of the complex law enforcement system as it applies to city neighborhoods.

A century ago in 1920, American city policing was influenced by those who were upper-middle class, educated Americans called Progressives, who called for a professional police force. The professionals were sworn to enforce laws equally, but duly authorized officers carried and clearly still carry out law enforcement policies based on local leadership guidance and political influence. Police conduct themselves in accordance to areas that they patrol.

In 2000, a CA Sheriff pulled me over for expired tags, and he approached my driver window with his gun drawn. After displaying the registration that verified correct registration I asked the officer why was his gun drawn and he quickly responded, “this what we do in this neighborhood”. Sadly, the neighborhood is 90% black, which has limited influence over outsourced law enforcement services through the County of Los Angeles.

Members should be well-trained, well-disciplines, and tightly organized

The force should stay out of politics

The force should use new technology

Personnel procedures should be based on merit

The main tasks of the police should be fighting crime.

The emphasis became changing law enforcement from a social service agency back to a crime fighting agency

W. Wilson encouraged professionalism by fighting corruption and reorganizing the department

He used two way radios to encourage communication and rotated officers so they would not become familiar with those in the community

The Community Policing Era: 1970-Present

  • In the 1970’s, research began showing that crime fighting was losing its effectiveness in catching and deterring criminals
  • Three findings were of particular importance
    1. Increasing the number of patrol officers in a neighborhood had little effect on the crime rate
    2. Rapid response to calls for service did not greatly increase the arrest rates
    3. Improving the percentage of crimes solved in difficulty
  • The professional style had the tendency to isolate officers from the community. Wilson and Kelling argued that police should work on three assumptions:
    1. Neighborhood disorder creates fear
    2. Disorderly behavior and unattended communities signal that the citizens do not care
    3. Police must reply on citizens for assistance.
  • Problem-oriented policing focuses on controlling underlying causes of problems such as noisy teens, battered spouses, and drug houses
  • Police begin to pay attention to quality of life crimes, which restore order

Case in point, on April 5, 2021, in the heart of Beverly Hills California a driver who refused to get out of a suspected stolen car that he crashed in a police pursuit, tremendous resources were deployed to get a wanted driver out of the car at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and North Doheny Drive unharmed. Beverly Hills police and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) crews inserted non-lethal rounds into the wrecked Toyota, after waiting patiently for 4-hours.

more that are to make it our own and to take practical steps to alleviate it.  Practical steps like building of indoor agricultural farms and aquaculture tanks to ensure healthy food and jobs, civil rights law center where professionals and future professionals can deliver and learn civil principals, technology center and education toward the design and engineering of future products, construction firms, insurance firms, banking institutions, telecommunications, …

Communities did not get this way by happenstance, instead they were maniacally design by racist, fully in charge of building pure white communities. Racial covenants are real and were widely used by real estate developers to exclude anything but fearful whites from buying and living in the property that they proposed to build. The elected officials fully supported it, as well as federal powers. These exclusionist ironically used colors to designate the areas whites would buy and live. The color green was used to show the most desirable areas and bankers legitimize their foul deeds to loan money to whites only for green mapped areas.

In addressing socioeconomic parity, the lasting diabolical damage inflicted in the USA by the USA ruling class centers on redlining, the systematic denial of various services or goods by governments and the private sector either directly or through the selective restriction in trade. The name and term redlining officially started in the early 1930’s after the color correlating property value grading system was developed by the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC). Segragation and greed were the main elements in mapping land mass in the USA by a well documented color scheme.

Still used today, the color red was used on financial maps to denote a geographically “hazardous” area that deemed a lower property value.  George Perry Floyd Jr was a victim of a manifested restrictive community of services and goods to make up a disadvantage poor and racially profiled community. As urban population grew, so did the area designated by red on developer mapspressed more in these areas. The HOLC managed this structurally designed race-based community imbalance,. This is still a sophisted land developement practice that classified areas in one of four categories, which was used to measure the “grade” of desirability for a given geographical area. The color green is the best area, blue being still desirable, yellow being definitely declining, and red being hazardous. 

The first racial convent that has been found in Hennepin County where George Perry Floyd, Jr was murdered appears in 1910, (Mapping Prejudice Project, University of Minnesota) and a significant part of America was trying to figure out how do we keep this place white after the Civil War. Bear in mind reconstruction period was a purposeful failure. These real estate contracts were powerful tools for segregationists. Real estate developers and public officials used private property transactions to build a diabolical system of American apartheid during the twentieth century, which effects are nearly impossible to erase without a global community intervention.

Poor City Governance erodes the quality of life in a community. When there is a constant lack of corrective action, the black and white approach is for the people to rise and pursue a resolution expressing “no confidence” in the governing council body. Poor governance has an overall effect that can preclude people from employment and housing opportunities and is also a primary driver of recidivism. American policing is following the same pattern of organizational design and practice that emphasizes only holding the police agency personnel accountable for their judgment and decision-making, thereby keeping blame away from the governing body members that approves and budgets agency policy.

The normal protocol in ultra-rich communities, policing strategies demonstrate a high level of patience in the apprehension of criminal activity. This way if by chance the suspect represents a local resident the end results will be received with full acceptance that the policy of law was upheld in the apprehension. This way there is no short-sighted precedent set should this ever occur with a local residence. It is considered consistent policing for the area, an area with an important economy.

In February 2021, during a traffic stop in south Los Angeles a Los Angeles police officer fired his weapon multiple times at the vehicle as the suspect, (30-year-old black male), who drove off and escaped the danger after running into a nearby store and changing clothes and walked out. In this case, the officer was not relieved of his duties since no one was hit by his reckless shooting around many citizens in a relatively low-income neighborhood.

The overall message is simple, in that until America comes to grip with socioeconomic development for all, then policing will always be a byproduct in delivering racial discrimination. The analogy of the reincarnation is for story telling and to drive home a point that to get our house in order we must seize upon this huge opportunity of making amends in the wrongful death of another, whereas a global response will conceivably never align with the stars for another 1,000 years.

In building a healthier city, thereby producing a more healthy policing, is one in which citizens have access to basic infrastructure such as clean water, sanitation, and sewage treatment. It is also a place where healthy food is available to everyone, where all of humanity can walk without fear, and where people can participate in free enterprise, parks, squares, and other public spaces in safety and comfort.

The US Supreme Court can only rule on the case, and this body does not have the means to change practices of building cities. Although this was a landmark decision in favor of inclusion, it did not nothing but make whites circle the wagons with greater vengeance against blacks. Cities suffered even more after the forties as projects were built in record numbers to appease blacks that they still could not have apiece of the pie in America. Projects turned to tenements and those affected had not only their dignity stripped, but their confidence that a better day was ever possible.Economic Skin In The Game Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, are notables’ billionaires that at this time place emphasis on broad economic opportunities. None of these people necessarily have the macro approach of inclusion that I am prescribing, but they are referenced to show how if a plan for economic progress is addressed there are those at the ready who would not hesitate to invest considerable capital to build a productive society. Simply look at those things that they have touched in the past two decades. Economic progress is everywhere, but not necessarily in the areas where George Perry Floyd Jr walked.

The whole world wants to honor the life and time of George Perry Floyd Jr, but the challenge is quantifiable work product. Let’s face it, violence is at the ready in the nation, but what curtails violence most is propensity.  Prosperous geographical areas attract the greatest respect accompanied with access to health and safety. Look at the balance in George Perry Floyd Jr’s trial, where the prosecution won over the jury with abusive force, while the defense attempted poor health as the cause of death. Prosperous people have clear lines of death at the hands of another versus medical impairments. From the very outset of the Covid-19 pandemic in America, it was frequently announced how blacks were either more likely to be affected by the virus due to poor health, or black neighborhoods would not have access to testing centers, or the vaccine distribution was not appropriately reaching underserve communities.

Blacks are being recognized as being left behind on every level except the level of productivity. Empowerment Zones were laid out during President Reagan’s administration, yet the public narrative continually overlooked it as a program versus a battle that could eliminate despair in black areas. President Trump copied this economists’ plan with Opportunity Zones found primarily in black areas. The media did not push these investment parcels that help developer’s save considerable capital gain taxes.

Senegalese-American singer and entrepreneur Akon is building Akon City in Senegal, 62 miles from Dakar, the capital of Senegal and Uganda. The project was first announced in Senegal by Akon along with the Senegal minister for tourism Alioune Sarrin 2018. It will be located in the coastal village in Mbodiène on 2,000 acres of land., or roughly 3 square miles. This City was inspired by the fictional movie Black Panther

West Hollywood California is at the cultural and geographical heart of Los Angeles County and is only 2 square miles. This incorporated city is bound between the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, the Cities of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and the districts of Fairfax and Beverly Grove, which in a nutshell are some of the most prosperous areas in southern California.

There is the city of West Hollywood (WeHo) that hosts 22 hotels and the land use is fantastic employing the best walkable street grids. The 36,000 residents have a strong spirit of community activism and civic pride. Main areas of business and commercial activity in West Hollywood are shopping, dining, and nightlife, all of which are primarily focused on the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, and the Avenues of Art & Design along Robertson, Melrose, and Beverly Boulevard. There are three Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in the city: Sunset Strip BID, West Hollywood Design District BID, and Visit West Hollywood BID.

These two cities are highlighted to give a sense of potential completeness to George Perry Floyd Jr’s like whereas he was here to build prosperity for all. He worked with great pride at a Latinx club as a friendly bouncer. The larger conversation and vision is to build productive cities and it can be done now with some of the greatest ease available with the world wanting to help. and provide real assistance. Minneapolis failed in providing that support to blacks and now it is time to rise and build a city works for all. No more piece meal of a business district with a carbohydrate Dragon Wok, an incomplete grocer and an incomplete auto center specializing in slurppies and cigarettes’.

Chauvin, Tuo, King and Lane cut off George Perry Floyd Jr’s air supply, but it is the incomplete building of America that is killing blacks at an disproportionate rate. With the exception of Atlanta Georgia, there is no area where blacks have some kind collective economic success. Although Atlanta is reflected as a good place for business growth for blacks, over 25% of the blacks in Atlanta are surviving below the poverty line.

It is easy to see what makes a society work when listening to the short acceptance speech shared by Tyler Perry receiving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award during the 2021 Academy Awards. Mr. Perry knows firsthand that when you are working to lift someone from the pressures of living in America, you must meet them at their humanity. This is paramount in the case of following up on George Perry Floyd Jr’s verdict that no matter what new policing legislation and law is enacted, unless the action is to fully treat others as humans, then no progress can be anticipated from the legislative act.

Mr. Perry shared in his message to the viewing audience to stand in the middle while helping others, basically indicating that assistance does not work from a one-sided activity, but there has to be compromise and buy-in from all involved. It is only then that humanity can truly see how to get someone’s feet off the ground and lift them to better heights, all the while refusing hate of all kind.

The murder of George Perry Floyd Jr lifted the world’s reasoning to meet somewhere in middle between the establishment and the people it governs. Imposing new and improved policing is not a middle strategy, but economic improvement for the place where George Perry Floyd lived is how we get our feet off of the ground. Look at the ABC Documentary and acknowledge how George Perry Floyd Jr.’s whole life centered in the lowest income and poverty level economies. Biblically, it is written that God did not reveal himself cloaked in worldly power and wealth, but rather in weakness and poverty: “though He was rich, yet for your sake he became poor …”

Waiting is Over Rated: Restorative Justice Now!

Individually, the power of change is fully understood in that no one is going to come and make change happen for one’s self. But, when change is needed for society the concept of patience and waiting takes a front seat. We seem contempt with fractionalized remembrance with commissioning historic structures and preservation of memorials to denote that the subject made a difference, and/or provides an inspiration of hope.

Communities dominated by black people in America have instilled commemorative art ten-fold, and now the cries for stop killing black people summons forth a more definitive social and economic change in black respect.  Racial healing and historical reckoning projects, such as memorials, monuments and other art across the country will not produce a revolution for black progress.  Such idols will solitarily be a perimeter to the hard truths of black’s racial history.

If held in perspective, global advocacy will elevate federal, state, and local governments to extend total support toward making the killing of George Perry Floyd Jr bear long-lasting fruit for community betterment.  Comprehensive professional municipal management can change the geographical area of Minneapolis to a mecca of innovation. Engaging inclusive city planning through a number of high-profile initiatives, such as a law school and civil rights lawyer’s high-rise, technology center, and the like will bring about sustainable change. The old idiom of black occupied neighborhoods surviving as an underserved community can be the renaissance of resourceful change from commonly being considered an underserved area to the improved perception of being an Overserved Community.

There is a consistent overriding dormancy of sustained economic growth in predominately occupied black areas, where greater emphasis and encouragement in the formation of enterprises, and investment in industrial production and the education of its workforce will represent triumph over America’s black clampdown. With the exception of changing the way of life in America to one that embraces a Nordic model community. [The nations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and have inclusive high living standards and low income disparity, embracing social benefits such as free education, free healthcare, and guaranteed pension payments] The governing base would have to be a fusion of race, gender, religion, and political persuasion since even the USA is not a homogeneous culture. Nordic Model of the include;

  • The general Nordic model does not have extreme poverty level and the modest poverty is far below 10%, compared to the USA black poverty level above 20% in most cities. (Atlanta Georgia black poverty level is 29%). The Nordic model is practiced by of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and since World War II includes:
  • An elaborate social safety net, in addition to public services such as free education and universal healthcare  in a largely tax-funded system.
  • Strong property rights, contract enforcement and overall ease of doing business.
  • Public pension plans.
  • Free trade combined with collective risk sharing (social programs and labor market institutions) which has provided a form of protection against the risks associated with economic openness.
  • Little product market regulation. Nordic countries rank very high in product market freedom according to OECD rankings.
  • Low levels of corruption. In Transparency International’s 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden were ranked among the top 10 least corrupt of the 179 countries evaluated

Implementation of a Nordic Community Model is well within reach when you take into consideration how our Federal Government literally overnight allocated an additional billion dollars to assist the immigrants coming into the southern borders.  Consequently, access to capital is not an issue, but what is missing is access to a economic expansion plan to produce products in the private market at competitive prices from businesses that will produce jobs, developed by a much-wanted consumer market, discussions around gross domestic production, paid state taxes, and participation in the national economy with a flexibility and resiliency not seen since the Oklahoma Black Wall Street some 100 years ago.

Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and his persistence to end apartheid was the second coming of Christ as he was so pervasive in change and on a global scale the death of George Perry Floyd Jr is likened to Mandela’s impact on social and economic change.  I pray that God’s chosen leadership and far-reaching acumen will open the possibilities of expanded economic inclusion for blacks to the levels commensurate to Mandela’s life work being as impactful as the second coming that freed a nation from apartheid practices.

The first part of reviewing just how George Perry Floyd Jr is targeted to be confronted by police stems from America’s longstanding inability for a proper barter and trade action. If basic income, cryto currency, or some form of gaureenteed standard of living were a USA staple the police infusion would never have been part of this customer and merchant interaction.

In the later part of this section of the video, note how an all too familiar American neighborhood is described with a clarity that it is business model that works for keeping people disenfraanchised. The interviewees describe the housing situation Theboth the method of tenant payment to the cookie cutter blueprint on how these housing units are built over and over agian in USA’s largeest urban areas.

Getting caught up is how people describe growing up in America when addressing poor conditions. Getting caught up with drugs and alcohol, the wrong crowd, and not having an idea of what life has to offer. The pipeline from public school to jail was well established for George Perry Floyd Jr and his childhood friends.

The preceding segment discloses the lack of verbal communication afforded George Perry Floyd Jr expressed by the police. The police are not heard on these videos explaining any of their actions or even allowing their detainee to execute their commands such as get into the vehicle. None of the offers communication verbaaly what they want the detainee to do. If, the officers had shown a little patience and employed verbal skills asking the detainee to sit in the car while they close the door, in lieu of physical confrontation, the outcome would have been far more effective.

There is a universal observation from this segment of the documentary and that is humanity. Where is the humane component of policing. Somehow, with four police present none understood human compassion, which ironically compassion is part of the Minneapolis Police Slogan., “To Protect with Courage, To Serve with Compassion!”

A ‘New World’ had to come about is quoted by Tamika D. Mallory, Co-Founder of Until Freedom is a passionate statement shared because this level of brutality has to end.

April 20, 2021, the predominant public discourse related to the George Perry Floyd Jr. murder conviction is how does America change policing practices, particular against blacks. Although, there is an unprecedent arrest and conviction of a former police officer, the views rest with police change.

2nd Grade Essay, written by 7-8 year George Perry Floyd, Jr.

This formative year written message clearly states that George Perry Floyd Jr was projected huge outcomes for his human existence. Police change was not mentioned and somehow the narrative being sculptured for eternity is police change on the heels of George Perry Floyd Jr’s life. What about the economic despair that brought George Perry Floyd into view of the Minneapolis Police Officers? It was bogus currency, counterfeit cash, and the public conversation minimized why anyone has to attempt to pass phony money in exchange of products. The American way of life, particularly those living and patronizing in substandard conditions is the real narrative. The murder is a byproduct of what happened to George Perry Floyd Jr on Memorial Day 2020.

There should be some pause for symbolism that George Perry Floyd Jr died on a day set aside for honoring heroes who have given there all for America. George Perry Floyd Jr gave his all to participate in a country that loses its purpose in communities occupied by black people. Well compensated black leaders have tendencies to describe only a portion of the problem to somehow fit their respective action plan.

In building a more perfect union, the willful killings unfortunately need remembrance to provide a context that there is life after death, on earth as it is in heaven. A life taken by governmental personnel, whether willfully or involuntarily, grants more power to the people. Apropos, are the words US President Abraham Lincoln expressed at Gettysburg, in honoring the military that gave their all-in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. Today, people who are insightfully willing to serve as municipal builders for long-term social justice and economic parity have the opportunity to do so when government acts out as a public nuisance.

Since 2015, U.S. government sponsored police officers have fatally shot at least 135 unarmed Black men and women. A National Public Radio (NPR) investigation reports that tens of thousands of people, domestically and internationally, have taken to the streets to protest police brutality of Blacks. At least 75% of the officers were white, and at least 15 of the officer shootings were not their first. These officer have been involved in two — sometimes three or more — shootings, often deadly and without judicial consequences.

In review of these type of studies, there is one thing for certain it is way past a time to wait and see if civil justice will ever take place. Waiting is over rated! It is time to wait no more for law enforcement to police itself, and their respective training and governing departments. Whether, municipalities operate their own police departments or outsource for contracted sheriff paramilitary services, the safe protection of our citizenry ultimately is at the hands of the government. When local governments fail, they do not fail solely for the fallen victim(s), but the entire members of the community that pays the wages for governmental representatives. Consequently, the wait is over and the people have to professionally commandeer their communities with Human Rights Attorneys, Civil Engineers and City Planners, Communicators, Urban Managers, Social Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Infrastructure Suppliers, Information Communication Technology, Farmers, Controllers, Planners, and bring them up to a productive status.

America is still waiting for to right the local governmental wrong against Emmett Louis Till, July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955, who was crudely murdered in Mississippi by ALL domestic white people. The government brought only two white people to trial for kidnapping and murdering Emmett Louis Till, but the jury found both white people not guilty.

Medgar Wiley Ever, July 2, 1925 – June 12, 1963, a popular civil rights activist as Mississippi’s field secretary for the NAACP, a World War II veteran, and a  University of Mississippi, graduate, was murdered in the first degree by Byron De La Beckwith, a formal segregationist who was not convicted until over thirty years later. A long wait.

Leonard Deadwyler, February 19, 1941 – May 7, 1966, was shot to death by Los Angeles Police Officer Officer, Jerold M. Bova, after allegedly speeding and running red lights while driving his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital. After waiting on justice, Leonard Deadwyler‘s wife later sued Los Angeles for wrongful death, and was represented by Johnnie Cochran, but lost the case.

Fredrick Allen Hampton, August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969, was an American activist in Chicago as chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, founder of the Rainbow Coalition, a prominent multicultural political organization that initially included the Black PanthersYoung Patriots (which organized poor whites), and the Young Lords (which organized Hispanics), and an alliance among major Chicago street gangs to help them end infighting and work for social change. On December 4, 1969, Fredrick Allen Hampton was shot and killed in his bed during a predawn raid at his Chicago apartment by a tactical unit of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department and the FBI. Law enforcement sprayed more than 90 gunshots throughout the apartment. During the raid, innocent citizen Mark Clark was also killed and several others were seriously wounded, where the government was deemed to have committed justifiable homicide.

On March 3, 1881, Rodney Glen King, April 2, 1965 – June 17, 2012, was horribly beaten by at least four (4) the Los Angeles Police Department Officers during his traffic violation stop, after a high-speed chase, for driving while intoxicated on the I-210 freeway. An uninvolved individual, George Holliday, filmed the incident from his nearby apartment balcony and sent the footage to local news station KTLA.  The incident was covered by news media around the world and public outcries for eliminating police brutality, and the people’s voice prompted the felony evading charges against Rodney Glen King, were later dropped, however, three governmental officers were acquitted, and the jury failed to reach a verdict on one charge for the fourth, all tried on charges of use of excessive force

Within hours of the acquittals, the 1992 Los Angeles riots started, sparked by outrage among racial minorities over the trial’s verdict and related, longstanding socioeconomic issues. The rioting lasted six days and killed 63 people, with 2,383 more injured, as the California Army National Guard, the Army, and the Marine Corps provided reinforcements to re-establish control over the people. To date, thirty plus years later black communities are at the same sub-social and economic level in Los Angeles.

Oscar Grant III, February 27, 1986 – January 1, 2009, was killed in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2009 by BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland, California. BART officer Anthony Pirone kneed Grant in the head and forced the unarmed Oscar Grant III to lie face down on the platform where the Officer drew his pistol and shot Grant in the back. The events were captured on multiple official and private digital video and privately owned cell phone cameras and disseminated their footage to media outlets and to various websites where it went viral.

On July 8, 2010, the jury found Johannes Officer Mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and not guilty of charges for second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter charges. The jury found Mehserle guilty of a gun enhancement charge that could have added up to ten years to his prison sentence, made him ineligible for probation, and required him to serve 85% of his sentence, in contrast to the 50% that most state prisoners serve. Nonetheless, Mehserle was sentenced to two years with double credit for time already served, reducing his term by 292 days for the 146 days he has already spent in jail. The judge overturned the gun enhancement, which could have added an additional 3 to 10 years to the sentence, and he was released from prison on June 13, 2011.

Trayvon Benjamin Martin, February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012, a very young black male in Miami Gardens, Florida, was fatally shot in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman, while walking back home from a nearby convenience store. Zimmerman, a member of the community watch, saw Trayvon Benjamin Martin and unreasonably reported him to the Sanford Police as suspicious. Zimmerman used his gun and physically accosted Trayvon Benjamin Martin, and quickly fatally shot Martin in the chest.

On November 20, 2014, two police officers were patrolling unlit stairwells in the Louis H. Pink Houses of East New York. Akai Gurley and his girlfriend entered the stairwell beneath them, and without provocation Officer Liang fired his weapon, where a his bullet ricocheted off a wall and fatally struck Gurley in the chest. Officer Liang was initially charged with manslaughter, which was reduced to criminally negligent homicide, resulting in probation and community service. 

On July 17, 2014, New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers approached Eric Garner on suspicion of selling single cigarettes without tax stamps. Officers attempted to arrest Eric Garner, and when Eric Garner pulled his arms away, officer Daniel Pantaleo placed his arm around Eric Garner‘s neck, using a prohibited chokehold, and wrestled him to the ground. As multiple police subdued him, Eric Garner repeatedly said “I can’t breathe” 11 times while lying face down on the sidewalk. Eric Garner eventually lost conscious and remained on the sidewalk for seven minutes while officers waiting for an ambulance. An hour later, the medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide resulting from “[compression] of neck, compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” On December 4, 2014, a grand jury decided not to indict Pantaleo, leading to public backlash, protests, and rallies in New York and nationally.

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown Jr., an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by 28-year-old white Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.  In the entire altercation, Officer Wilson fired a total of twelve bullets, including twice during the struggle in the car; the last was probably the fatal shot. Michael Brown Jr was struck six times, all in the front of his body. In November 2014, a grand jury cleared Wilson of criminal charges after the officer testified that he had feared for his life, though Michael Brown Jr was unarmed.

On August 5, 2014, John Crawford III was shopping for a BB gun in the sporting goods section of a Walmart store in BeavercreekOhio, near Dayton. The shooting was captured on surveillance video, but a grand jury declined to indict the two officers involved in the murder of John Crawford III. The City of Beavercreek eventually settled civil claims for wrongful death brought by Crawford’s estate and family.

On August 11, 2014, Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old African-American man, died from multiple gunshot wounds after being shot by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers in Florence, Los AngelesCalifornia. In the weeks and months that followed, Ezell Ford‘s shooting triggered multiple demonstrations and a lawsuit by Ford’s family claiming $75 million in damages.

Only 2.8% of Florence residents held a four-year college degree, a low percentage for both the city and the county. The percentage of residents age 25 and older with less than a high school diploma was high for the county.

The LAPD’s watchdog unit, Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners, concluded in June 2015 that one officer had been justified in the shooting, while the other officer was unjustified, had acted outside of LAPD policy, and had violated Ford’s civil rights by detaining Ezell Ford.

On November 22, 2014, Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African-American boy holding a replica toy gun, was killed in Cleveland, Ohio, by Officer Timothy Loehmann, a 26-year-old white police officer. Tamir Rice was immediately shot after the Officers drove up to the boy upon arriving on the scene. The officer shot twice, hitting Tamir Rice once in the torso, where was pronounced dead the next day. According to Judge Ronald B. Adrine, “…On the video the zone car containing Patrol Officers Loehmann and Garmback is still in the process of stopping when Tamir Rice is shot.” Several months later the prosecution presented evidence to a grand jury, which declined to indict, primarily on the basis that Tamir Rice was drawing what appears to be an actual firearm from his waist as the police arrived. A lawsuit brought against the city of Cleveland by Rice’s family was subsequently settled for $6 million.

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African-American woman, was fatally shot in her Louisville, Kentucky, apartment on March 13, 2020, when white plainclothes officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) forced entry into the apartment as part of an investigation into drug dealing operations.  Officers said that they announced themselves as police before forcing entry, but witnesses did not hear any announcement, and the officers fired 32 shots. Breonna Taylor was hit by six bullets and died. A grand jury did not indict the officers for her death.

The preceding lives tragically taken by governmental representatives left nothing in the way of community betterment. The government harmed its citizenry with taking lives and a diminishing faith in the government’s competence to serve fairly. Accordingly, a productive step is for the citizenry to take up the mantle for restorative justice. In the modern context, restorative justice originated in the 1970’s as mediation or reconciliation between victims and offenders. In 1974 Mark Yantzi, a probation officer, arranged for two teenagers to meet directly with their victims following a vandalism spree and agree to restitution. There is no doubt that restorative justice was never conceived to have a police officer, or police department, be a party to reconciliate with their victims.

In the tragic murder of George Perry Flood, Jr there are contingent victims, most of whom are low-income people homogenized to live, work, and play in underserved neighborhoods, i.e., East 38th and Chicago Avenue district. Resulting from the broken trust between community and government, restorative justice serves as a process through which parties communicate a collectively resolve in dealing with the aftermath of the offence and its implications for the future. This process stands on three pillars or ideas: (1) repair: crime causes harm and justice requires repairing that harm; (2) encounter: the best way to determine how to do that is to have the parties decide together; and (3) transformation: this can cause fundamental changes in people, relationships and communities.

On April 8, 20121, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo testified that the pressing of George Perry Floyd Jr’s neck for more than nine minutes were not part of the department’s policy. The picture below shows the Government’s Chief Safety Official for the entire City of Minneapolis, who fully admitted that the department failed to rightly serve the community member, George Perry Floyd Jr.

Minneapolis Police Department Chief Medaria Arradondo, testifying at subordinate Derrick Chauvin’s murder trial.

The government murdered a community member and the Chief is in the position to carry out restorative justice for killing one of God’s children. The Government’s Testimony: “To continue to apply that level of force to a person proned out, handcuffed behind their back…that in no way, shape or form is anything that is by policy.”

Just six miles west of East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue is the diametrically opposing affluent district of Summit Hill, Minneapolis Minnesota 55105. The area produces and manages well-preserved Gilded Age mansions along Summit Avenue, including the stately Minnesota Governor’s Residence. Within this neighboring district is Grand Avenue that is lined with upscale boutiques selling everything from home decor, fashion and jewelry to musical instruments, toys and books. Among the stores are high-end restaurants, European-style bakeries, wood-fired pizza spots and sidewalk cafes.

Unlike East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, there are Chinese fast food restaurants operating in the area. It is a note of community rehabilitation to be very cautious in the dietary value of the eateries operating in a better community. Typical Chinese fast food chicken entrees are 40% sodium and more than half the calories an average adult needs for an entire day. The battered, fried chicken dish with vegetables has 1,300 calories, 3,200 milligrams of sodium and 11 grams of saturated fat.

The restorative justice has covered the first pillar where crime caused harm, and the City sanctioned its’ police department to serve the East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue district, but in doing so the personnel of the department caused severe physical and emotional harm to the residents. The restorative thing to do is come together and repair the damage. The damage done on East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue is a protracted crime as the City willfully ignored the systemic problems that supported the tactics in carrying out the crime.

In a Press Conference on May 21, 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden reported that the United States will be sending humanitarian aid to Palestinian Government just one week after Israel bombed the Gaza Strip for 11 days.  After war devastated Gaza in 2014, the international community promised $5.4 billion in aid.

The Vietnam War cost was $168 billion, which is $1 trillion in today’s dollar value. That included $111 billion in military operations and $28.5 billion in aid to South Vietnam. 

In 1988, President Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act to compensate more than 100,000 people of Japanese descent who were incarcerated in internment camps during World War II. The legislation offered a formal apology and paid out $20,000 in compensation to each surviving victim. The law won congressional approval only after a decade-long campaign by the Japanese-American community. After extensive interviews and personal testimonies from victims, the commission issued its final report, calling the incarceration a “grave injustice” motivated by “racial prejudice, war hysteria and the failure of political leadership.”

Japan did not lift itself by its own sandal straps. Since the war U.S. aid has averaged $178 million a year; a serious business recession was eased by the 1950 Korean war, which poured vast sums into the Japanese economy; war reparations in kind to Southeast Asia have kept factories humming; and the very high rate of capital investment is possible since Japan spends little on armaments.

The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery ProgramERP) was an American initiative passed in 1948 for foreign aid to Western Europe. The United States transferred over $13 billion (equivalent to $130 billion in 2020) in economic recovery programs to Western European economies after the end of World War II. Replacing an earlier proposal for a Morgenthau Plan, it operated for four years beginning on April 3, 1948.  The goals of the United States were to rebuild war-torn regions, remove trade barriers, modernize industry, improve European prosperity, and prevent the spread of communism. The Marshall Plan required a reduction of interstate barriers, a dropping of many regulations, and encouraged an increase in productivity, as well as the adoption of modern business procedures.

During a brief period in the Reconstruction era, African Americans voted in large numbers and held public office at almost every level, including in both houses of Congress. However, this provoked a violent backlash from whites who did not want to relinquish supremacy. The backlash succeeded, and the promises of Reconstruction were mostly unfulfilled. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments were unenforced but remained on the books, forming the basis of the mid-20th-century civil rights movement.

Communities should no longer wait for individual justice, but work collectively for restorative justice in the way of community betterment. The government’s constant failure of safety in take innocent life, breaking homes, and breaking community bonds in the deadly acts must be matched with productive restoration efforts.

Prophetic Melodious Community Building Messages

You’ll find considerable messaging in song highlighting a better way of living that includes all of humanity.

For more than one-half century ago, artist have openly demonized governmental rule, as in 1964 the legendary Nina Simone belted her straight out of heart song Mississippi Goddam.
The name of this tune is Mississippi Goddam
And I mean every word of it
Alabama’s gotten me so upset
Tennessee made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam
Alabama’s gotten me so upset
Tennessee made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam
Can’t you see it
Can’t you feel it
It’s all in the air
I can’t stand the pressure much longer
Somebody say a prayer
Alabama’s gotten me so upset
Tennessee made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam
This is a show tune
But the show hasn’t been written for it, yet
Hound dogs on my trail
School children sitting in jail
Black cat cross my path
I think every day’s gonna be my last
Lord have mercy on this land of mine
We all gonna get it in due time
I don’t belong here
I don’t belong there
I’ve even stopped believing in prayer
Don’t tell me
I tell you
Me and my people just about due
I’ve been there so I know
They keep on saying “Go slow!”
But that’s just the trouble
“Do it slow”
Washing the windows
“Do it slow”
Picking the cotton
“Do it slow”
You’re just plain rotten
“Do it slow”
You’re too damn lazy
“Do it slow”
The thinking’s crazy
“Do it slow”
Where am I going
What am I doing
I don’t know
I don’t know
Just try to do your very best
Stand up be counted with all the rest
For everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam
I made you thought I was kiddin’
Picket lines
School boy cots
They try to say it’s a communist plot
All I want is equality
For my sister my brother my people and me
Yes you lied to me all these years
You told me to wash and clean my ears
And talk real fine just like a lady
And you’d stop calling me Sister Sadie
Oh but this whole country is full of lies
You’re all gonna die and die like flies
I don’t trust you any more
You keep on saying “Go slow!”
“Go slow!”
But that’s just the trouble
“Do it slow”
“Do it slow”
Mass participation
“Do it slow”
“Do it slow”
Do things gradually
“Do it slow”
But bring more tragedy
“Do it slow”
Why don’t you see it
Why don’t you feel it
I don’t know
I don’t know
You don’t have to live next to me
Just give me my equality
Everybody knows about Mississippi
Everybody knows about Alabama
Everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam
That’s it!


In 1969 Elvis expressed rational reasons why poor neighbors get no respect.
As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries
‘Cause if there’s one thing that she don’t need
It’s another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghettoPeople, don’t you understand
The child needs a helping hand
Or he’ll grow to be an angry young man some day
Take a look at you and me,
Are we too blind to see,
Do we simply turn our heads
And look the other wayWell the world turns
And a hungry little boy with a runny nose
Plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghettoAnd his hunger burns
So he starts to roam the streets at night
And he learns how to steal
And he learns how to fight
In the ghettoThen one night in desperation
The young man breaks the rules
He buys a gun, steals a car,
Tries to run, but he don’t get far
And his mama criesAs a crowd gathers ’round an angry young man
Face down on the street with a gun in his hand
In the ghettoAs her young man dies,
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’,
Another little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries

Fifty years ago Marvin Gaye wrote and sung his premunition ballad about the urban decade and where it was going to lead us, and he called it Inner City Blues.
Dah, dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah-dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah-dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah
Rockets, moon shots
Spend it on the have nots
Money, we make it
Fore we see it you take it
Oh, make me want to holler
The way they do my life (yeah)
Make me want to holler
The way they do my life
This ain’t livin’, this ain’t livin’
No, no baby, this ain’t livin’
No, no, no, no
Inflation no chance
To increase finance
Bills pile up sky high
Send that boy off to die
Oh, make me want to holler
The way they do my life (duh, duh, duh)
Yeah, make me want to holler
The way they do my life
Oh, baby
Dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah
Hang-ups, let downs
Bad breaks, set backs
Natural fact is
Oh honey that I can’t pay my taxes
Oh, make me want to holler
And throw up both my hands
Yea, it make me want to holler
And throw up both my hands
Oh (ow) crime is (woo) increasing
Trigger happy policing
Panic is spreading
God knows where we’re heading
Oh, make me want to holler
They don’t understand
Dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah
Dah, dah, dah
Mother, mother
Everybody thinks we’re wrong
Who are they to judge us
Simply cause we wear our hair long

Stevie Wonder does not have optical eyesight, yet his inner vision of inner cities across America makes it easy to believe that the wrongs of society need comprehensive attention in order to make them right.
A boy is born in hard time Mississippi
Surrounded by four walls that ain’t so pretty
His parents give him love and affection
To keep him strong, moving in the right direction
Living just enough, just enough for the city

His father works some days for fourteen hours
And you can bet, he barely makes a dollar
His mother goes to scrub the floors for many
And you’d best believe, she hardly gets a penny
Living just enough, just enough for the city

His sister’s black, but she is sho’nuff pretty
Her skirt is short, but Lord her legs are sturdy
To walk to school, she’s got to get up early
Her clothes are old, but never are they dirty
Living just enough, just enough for the city

Her brother’s smart, he’s got more sense than many
His patience’s long, but soon he won’t have any
To find a job is like a haystack needle
‘Cause where he lives they don’t use colored people
Living just enough, just enough for the city, yeah

Everybody, city, yeah
(Living just enough for the city, whoa) Ain’t nothin’ but the city
(Living just enough for the city, whoa) Everybody, city, yeah
(Living just enough for the city, whoa) Ain’t nothin’ but the city
(Living just enough for the city, whoa) Living for the city, yeah
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa) The funky, cryin’ city
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa) Living for the city

Ain’t nothin’ but the city
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa) Everybody clap you hand together now
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa) For the city
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa) For the city, yeah, yeah
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa)
(Living just enough, for the city, whoa)The bus for New York City!
Hey bus driver, I’m getting on that, hold it
Thanks a lot
Wow, New York, just like I pictured it
Skyscrapers and everythingPsst, hey, hey brother, hey come here slick
Hey you look, you look hip man
Hey, you wanna make yourself five bucks, man?
Yeah, brother
Look here, run this across the street for me right quick
Okay, run this across the street for me

What? (Up against that goddamn car!) Huh? (Let’s go)
I didn’t know, what?
Gimme your hands up, you punk
I’m just going across the street
Put that leg up, shut your mouth
Hell no, what did I do?
Okay, turn around, turn around
Put your hands behind your back, let’s go, lets go

A jury of your peers having found you guilty, ten years
Come on, come on, get in that cell, nigger
God, LordHis hair is long, his feet are hard and gritty
He spends the life walking the streets of New York City
He’s almost dead from breathing in air pollution
He tried and fought, but to him there’s no solution
Living just enough, just enough for the city (yeah, yeah, yeah)I hope you hear inside my voice of sorrow
And that it motivates you to make a better tomorrow
This place is cruel, nowhere could be much colder
If we don’t change, the world will soon be over
Living just enough, stop giving just enough for the city

The Crusaders released their take on inner city life, releasing this popular song on December 8, 1979.
I play the streetlife, because there’s no place I can go
Streetlife, it’s the only life I know
Streetlife, and there’s a thousand parts to play
Streetlife, until you play your life awayYou let the people see, just who you wanna be
And every night you shine, just like a super star
That’s how the life is played a ten cent masquerade
You dress, you walk, you talk
You’re who you think you areStreetlife, you can run away from time
Streetlife, for a nickel or a dime
Streetlife, but you better not get old
Streetlife, or you’re gonna feel the coldThere’s always love for sale a grown-up fairytale
Prince charming always smiles behind a silver spoon
And if you keep it young your song is always sung
Your love will pay your way beneath the silver moonStreetlife
StreetlifeI play the streetlife, because there’s no place I can go
Streetlife, it’s the only life I know
Streetlife, and there’s a thousand parts to play
Streetlife, until you play your life away – oohStreetlife

In 1985, what this song truly represents is the power of collaboration. When influential people believe in a real need they are able to work together and produce a final product for the world. The post work from this unprecedented collaborative never materialized, as there was no common cause or focused objective amongst its participants.
There comes a time
When we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all
We can’t go on
Pretending day-by-day
That someone, somewhere soon make a change
We’re all a part of God’s great big family
And the truth, you know, love is all we need
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
Oh, send them your heart
So they know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
And so we all must lend a helping hand
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
Oh, there’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
Well, well, well, well let us realize
Oh, that a change can only come
When we stand together as one, yeah, yeah, yeah
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
We are the world (are the world)
We are the children (are the children)
We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day, so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)
There is a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
Oh, let me hear you!
We are the world (we are the world)
We are the children (said we are the children)
We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let start giving (so let’s start giving)
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me, come on now, let me hear you
We are the world (we are the world)
We are the children (we are the children)
We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me, yeah
We are the world (we are the world)
We are the children (we are the children)
We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)
There’s a choice we’re making
And we’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
We are the world (are the world)
We are the children (are the children)
We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
We are the world, we are the world (are the world)
We are the children, yes sir (are the children)
We are the ones that make a brighter day so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me, ooh-hoo!
We are the world (dear God) (are the world)
We are the children (are the children)
We are the ones that make a brighter day so let’s start giving (all right, can you hear what I’m saying?)
There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving our own lives

It Was A Good Day, written and perfromed by Ice Cube is the most poetic song on what iner inner city looked, smelled and felt like in the 80′ – 90s, released February 23, 1993, a cover of The Isley Brothers’ 1977 love song “Footsteps in the Dark”.
Yo!Juss wakin’ up in tha mornnin’, gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
No barkin’ from the dog, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog
I got my grub on, but didn’t pig out
Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out
Hooked it up fo’ later as I hit the do’
Thinkin’, “Will I live another twenty-fo’?”
I gotta go ’cause I got me a drop top
And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop
Had to stop, at a red light
Lookin’ in my mirror, not a jacker in sightAnd everything is alright
I got a beep from Kym, and she can fuck all night
Called up the homies and I’m akksin’ y’all
Which park, are y’all playin’ basketball?
Get me on the court and I’m trouble
Last week fucked around and got a triple-double
Freakin’ niggas every way like M.J.
I can’t believe, today was a good dayDrove to the pad, and hit the showers
Didn’t even get no static from them cowards
‘Caus jus’ yesterday, dem fools tried ta blast me
Saw da police, and they rolled right past me
No flexin’, didn’t even look in a nigga’s direction
As I ran the intersection
Went to Short Dog’s house, they was watchin’ Yo! MTV RapsWhat’s the ‘haps on the craps?
Shake ’em up, shake ’em up, shake ’em up, shake ’em!
Roll ’em in a circle of niggas, and watch me break ’em
Wit’ tha seven, seven-eleven, seven-eleven
Seven, even Back Do’ Lil’ Joe
I picked up the cash flow
Then we played bones, and I’m yellin’ “Domino!”
Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.
Today was a good day
(Shit!)Left my nigga’s house paid
Picked up a girl been tryynta fuck since the twelth grade
It’s ironic, I had the brew, she had the chronic
The Lakers beat the Supersonics
I felt on her big fat fanny
Pulled out the jammy and killed the punanni
And my dick runs deep, so deep, so deep
Put her ass to sleep
Woke her up around one
She didn’t hesitate to call Ice Cube the top gun
Drove her to the pad and I’m coastin’
Took another sip of the potion, hit the three-wheel motionI was glad everything had worked out
Dropped her ass off, and then chirped out
Today was like one of those fly dreamsDidn’t even see a Barry flashin’ those high beams
No helicopter looking for a murder
Two in tha mornnin’, got tha Fat BurgerEven saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp
And it read, “Ice Cube’s a pimp!”
Drunk as hell, but no thowwin’ up
Halfway home, and my pager’s still blowwin’ up
Today, I diddn’t even havvta use my AK
I gotta say it was a good day

Three years prior to his passing, on September 27, 1996, Curtis Mayfield released “New World Order” and the lyrics unfortunately stand the of time;
Darkness no longer, a child is born
Mother shed tears of joy as baby test his lungs
My daddy’s not there where he ought to be
Somewhere in Georgia, skinning and shooting craps on his knees
Another victim born out here in the hood
And based on statistics it really ain’t all good
Welfare takes the tab and daddy can’t sign
And it can’t be seen, the family becomes a crime
The hunt is on and brother you’re the prey
Serving time in jail, it just ain’t the way
I’m living so hard, baby, that my hair is gray
We got to make a change, it’s a brand new day
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
Operation influx and it’s on the way
We’ve just marched a million plus the other day
Look we all witnessed the sweat rolling down Ms Liberty’s head
She knows the sleeping giant is no longer sleeping dead
Oh, what a fulfillment of prophecy
Let us teach the children freedom’s never been free
It’s okay to cry, go ahead and cry
‘Cause Jesus wept but hope and faith he kept
It’s a new day,
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
The die has been cast and there’s no need to fear
‘Cause people, the answer to your prayers are here
Sister Mary don’t you weep, tell Martha not to moan
We need the love and daddy’s coming home
There’s no need to worry, the times dictate a plan
Mother Earth’s given birth to a brand new man
Sister I know you’re misunderstood
But hold on to your man ’cause the future looks good
It’s a new day
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
Beware of the lies and false prophecies
We are many with eyes but don’t all really see
You must be merciful my friend to obtain the same
So if you break the chain don’t pass the blame
We should say unto all and I’ll say it again
It’s not just to win, shake a hand, make a friend
We who are pure at heart somehow might see
There’s still light in the world, come rejoice with me
It’s a new day
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
It’s a new day, it’s a new day
It’s a new day, it’s a new day
It’s a new day
Yes, Lord, it’s a brand new day

Welcome to Nellyville, where all newborns get a half-a-mill’
Sons, get sedan DeVilles, soon as they can reach the wheel
And daughters, get diamonds the size of their age – I’m talkin’
One year get one carat, two years get two carats
Three years get three carats, and so on into marriage
Nobody livin average, everybody jang-a-lang
Nobody livin savage, e’rybody got change
Even the paperboy deliver out the back of a Range
It’s not a game, it’s a beautiful thang
Imagine blocks and blocks of no cocaine, blocks with no gunplay
Ain’t nobody shot, so ain’t no news that day
Ain’t nobody snitchin, they refuse to say
Every month – we take a vote on what the weather should be
And if we vote it rains – know how wet we want it to be
And if we vote it snow – know how deep we want it to get
But the sun gon’ shine 99 percent, in Nellyville
There’s no. way. I. I could explaiiiiin.
The way I feel right now
There’s no. way. I. I could explaiiiiin.
The way I feel about livin in NellyvilleI got that good at e’ry gas station, pull on up
Give me a half a ounce of that shit, fill it up
We got straws for the bottles, outlaw the cups
And we gon’ make it happen, ain’t no need for no luck
Ain’t no lotteries, no pick 3’s or pick 2’s
Keep the money in your family, gamble amongst your crew
Cause the dice gon’ do what the dice gon’ do
And if you take a life, you gon’ lose yours too
Ain’t no trials, it’s automatic, you drop ’em right where it happen
You do unto others if you don’t want it don’t do the cappin
Think that’s cool? 40 acres and a mule
Fuck that! Nellyville – 40 acres and a pool
Six bedrooms, full bath with a jacuzz’
Six-car garage, pavement smooth
Both front and back deck ‘nough room to land a jet
And you ain’t reached the city, that’s just the projects
There’s no. way. I. I could explaiiiiin.
The way I feel right now
There’s no. way. I. I could explaiiiiin.
The way I feel about livin in Nellyville
Everybody, uh, now everybody say
Well I want to go, please let me go
I need to go – down to Nellyville
I need to see, what I can see
Won’t you and me – go to Nellyville
I want to go, so bad
I just want to go and look
Won’t you please take me on in
I just know I gotta be there
No unexpectancy, like teenage pregnancy
And physical mental attraction your only ecstasy
Your own destiny, create your own recipe
If you ain’t livin accordin to dirty then you stressin me
“And who are you?” Who me? I’m the mayor
And any problems you got, I live up thurr
“Where’s that?” The house on the hill, welcome mat of fur
When you pass by that thang, be polite and don’t sturr
There’s no. way. I. I could explaiiiiin.
The way I feel right now
There’s no. way. I. I could explaiiiiin.
The way I feel about livin in Nellyville
There’s no. way. yeah
There’s no. way. yeah
There’s no. way. yeah
There’s no. way.