“If public education were as responsive and adaptable to market change as let’s say a company like Apple, there would be no problems with student achievement being equally as profitable.”
~ Dean L. Jones

“Biblical allegories and parables time after time bring to light how calamity occurred when nations closed their eyes to tolerance, inclusion, love and acceptance, and even so parishioners still close their eyes to this message in blessing religions other than their own.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“For the most part basic training is beyond doubt where potential develops, as it is weird and wonderful that after four years of earning a Bachelors of Science degree, preceded by six years of secondary schooling, the most valued stage of my formal learning experience are the K-6 early days.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Before affirmative action and the contentious stain that prevails over opportunity equal admission qualifications, the costs associated with earning a four-year college degree used to qualify as a relatively inexpensive and a well thought-out smart investment.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“American professional football is an educated industry, although there is irony in the fact that across our nation high school football consistently functions as an uneducated enterprise by exploiting their respective male learners who effectively play for school honor with no compensation, while simultaneously avoiding, backing away from, and circumventing learning opportunities (ABC’s) for 90% of the student body to make it happen, no matter the costs to life and limb of the aforementioned 10%.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“On the bumpy and sometimes violent road to inclusion humanity suffers from an interminable breakdown fueled by the arrogant choices of religious speculation.”
~ Dean L. Jones

“The vital character of self-awareness develops between elementary and high school, where inexplicably urban public education produces characterless middle schools to oversee the apex of adolescence.”
~ Dean L. Jones

“The opportunity to freely share opportunities with all those open to receiving opportunities is an opportune moment in time.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“WOW, that is something I did not know!  This is the phrase regularly sought after by the great conveyors of educational knowledge.” ~ Dean L. Jones