“On a job application, whether a box is checked for race, gender, and/or age, it still remains an unwarranted measurement of prospective talent.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“The movement to ban the box on employment applications for ex-felons raises the sensibility to prohibit ALL boxes that challenge equal opportunities based on race, sex, creed, religion, color, age, or national origin.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“On job applications, when blacks opted to be counted by a box has evoled to being boxed out from sustainable job opportunities.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“I have no control over my racial heritage, but I do have control over my readiness and willingness to perform on the job, where that willful questioning surrounding race is nature’s job.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Say it Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud; a consciousness that some (Rachel Dolezal) have and some (Clarence Thomas) do not.  Go figure.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“The black box should be regarded with suspicion, because at a minimum it is an available tool suited for ethnic manipulation (cleansing) of the U.S. workforce.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Noticeably, the public and private sector industries of the United States are increasingly being out recruited of its own citizenry, even by foreign terrorist operatives, attributable to inept hiring ethics and management inclusion practices.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“When measuring ethical standards regarding active job application response time, local government is so slothful that it approaches operating as the most unethical entity of public service.”
~ Dean L. Jones

“Without end, contrasting American workers yearn for public and private sector industries to increasingly fulfill the spirit and intent in making the most of USA’s equal employment opportunity laws.”
~ Dean L. Jones

“More or less 337 languages are spoken among the USA populace, of which 176 are indigenous.  In effect, preferring one language over another as an equal employment opportunity provider is essentially an act of unfairness, where the most commonly spoken language English prevails as the great American equalizer.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Livelihoods are set in motion with USA’s equal employment opportunity laws, even though workplaces without objective engagement and ethical retention practices operate with undersupplied human resources.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Products and services resulting from open access to equal employment opportunity are produced with responsible value.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Enacting protracted hiring opportunity is unproductive, unethical and an unruly act of employment discrimination.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Career change presents the opportunity to attract and/or create the career of your dreams, thereby going from free thought to greater authenticity!
~ Dean L. Jones”

“The framework of every open door is prepared with opportunities for those committed to results.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Great opportunities are attracted to a consistent good job performance delivered with integrity and a humble level of confidence!” ~ Dean L. Jones

“MetaphoricallyUpon my first time at bat the intervening umpire called an unwarranted strike, so the team captain stepped up and went to bat for me, where the manager terminated the captain for not letting me to take the hit.  MoralTake heed of playing for an inhospitable team.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“There is perfectly good rationale why good people always seem to attract and maintain a good job as it stems from their consistent work effort of doing a good job.” ~ Dean L. Jones

“Knowing that Patience is one of the most valuable virtues of life, by consistently applying Thoroughness in your work activity is Virtuosity.” ~ Dean L. Jones